Pet Odor Removal

Pet urine, stains and odors

Simi Valley Carpet Cleaning has more than 25 years of experience removing pet odors and stains. Thanks to our experience combined with our commitment to excellence, you can be confident our carpet cleaning and repair experts will be able to get your carpet looking and smelling fresh once again.
Many people don’t realize that dog and cat urine is actually sterile when it is initially expelled by your pet. When first expelled by your pet, the urine is acidic. Over time, however, it breaks down into urine salt crystals. These crystals attract moisture, which serves as the ideal breeding ground for bacteria. These bacteria result in a build-up of ammonia, which is where the foul odor comes from.
As any pet owner can tell you, expelled urine never dries completely. As a result, it can remain sticky and foul-smelling for many years. At Simi Valley Carpet Cleaning, we use special moisture sensors to help locate the urine and kill the bacteria and germs that have developed. Furthermore, we use safe, eco-friendly cleaners, which means your pets and kids are never put at risk by toxic chemicals.
While our cleaning professionals will do everything possible to remove the pet stains and odors in your carpeting, it is important to note that the resulting stains and discoloration can become permanent. Therefore, our professionals may need to replace the affected area with a carpet remnant that you have held onto or they will need to remove a piece of carpet from an unseen area of your carpet. Our professionals will also replace the pad and the underlying floorboards if necessary.
If you are interested in learning more about our pet odor and stain removal services, give us a call at 805-285-2336 for a free estimate.

*Non-toxic flea treatments available.

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